Statistical Consulting

During the years I have gained quite a lot consulting experience. Between my master and PhD degrees I worked as a consultant at a number of consulting firms, including Ernst & Young. In 2015 I joined the Monash Statistical Consulting Platform as a manager and a consultant.

The Monash Statistical Consulting Platform aims to provide assistance to students, researchers and industry with statistical analysis. We have about 15 active consultants with different areas of expertise. 

In my role as the manager I
  • Communicate with the platform’s clients to understand what they need help with and refer them to the relevant consultants. 
  • Develop training programs, including new programs for PhD students and staff in addition to internal training to the consultants team. 
  • Develop strategic and financial plans.
  • Promote the platform’s public relations.

In my role as an a consultant I
  • Provide face to face consultation to clients (many of them are PhD students) on variety of statistical and data analysis topics.
  • Deliver statistical workshops to PhD students.